Trust is the Foundation

Can’t decide what to do next? Feel uncertain of your next action item? Want to move forward in clarity instead of in confusion?

Try this trick: sit down and write out every action item that you could do next. Let yourself get empty of every idea you can think of, whether it sounds like a fun task, a required task, or even a complete diversion. Make your list as long as you can and then put the list away.

Now, go do something that is not on the list. Fold some laundry. Pick up a few items around the house. Tidy your desk. This is a diversion technique to get you back into your body and out of your head, where you tend to make decisions based on what you should do, instead of what you truly want to do.

Once you are back in your body, see where you go next. Do you naturally gravitate toward one of the items on your list? Do you intuitively move to start doing some next action that you hadn’t expected? Do you easily move forward, without a lot of back and forth thinking? This is you, acting intuitively.

Intuition is nothing more than our own inner wisdom. If you have a habit of downplaying your own wants, desires, and interests, then you might need some help coaxing your intuition to come forward for you. You could need a reset to help you reconnect with your true self, who is always looking out for your best path forward. You could need to learn to resee your intuition as something that is on your side.

When I work intuitively, I am super productive. When I follow my intuition, good things come my way. When I make it a point to connect with my own inner wisdom, I gain clarity and certainty as to my next actions.

I also gain confidence, as I am learning to trust myself and my own ideas.

If you are ready to use your intuition to lead your best life, check out my latest course, Learning to Trust Yourself. If builds on the ideas you learned in my Introductory Course (free and linked here). It also sets you up to develop a relationship of trust with yourself that helps you take action with clarity, certainty, and confidence.

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