Welcome, I’m Sue.

I am a fellow traveler on the big journey of life. I like to think of myself as but a few minutes ahead, figuring out what works, and sending messages back to my prior selves to help them navigate life more easily. I hope they help you too.

I came to this work as I hit middle age and asked myself, is this all there is? I was happy, secure, and content in life, but I still I wanted more. That more I was seeking turns out to be my connection with my authentic self. I come from a traditional religious background, but am interested in the more practical aspects of spirituality and how I can embrace my spiritual side to become more confident, more compassionate, and more clear on what I wanted for the second half of life. As I learned the tools that helped me do the inner work of accepting, loving, and becoming myself, I found that I had helpful information to share with others. I found, too, that I had a knack for making abstract concepts more real, and more achievable.

When I began this journey, I was desperate to find resources that would help me find my way. Turns out I had all the resources I needed, inside me, already. And you do too.

But connection to those resources can be hard if you have some bad habits of self criticism, self blame, and self denigration. Those actions will effectively block you from hearing the whispers of your own soul. So we are going to work together to remove those blocks, one idea at a time.

When you do this work, your own inner guidance will begin to emerge. It will come forward and call to you with feelings of interest, excitement, and fun. It will shine a light and perpetually call you to head toward the light in all you do. It will make you believe that you can do anything you set your heart on. And you can once you tap your resources.

If this is all too abstract, know this: there are tools you can use to do this work that are free, easy, and guaranteed to work if it is your intent to connect with your authentic self.

I can show you the way, but it’s up to you whether you want to go. Even if you decide not to, your spirit will still be calling.

My soul called me to start this platform, something I had not even thought about just a year ago. My soul urged me forward with excitement, joy, and interest to where I am today. Yours will too, once you coax it out of hiding.

Your next step is to ask yourself two questions: where do I want to explore next, and why? Let those answers be your guide to this website. In fact, let those questions become your first tool to better connect with your own true self in every area of life.

My writing is my biggest Soul Project by far, but not my last. Once you start adding Soul Projects to your life, you rarely stop at just one. You begin to see all of life as ripe for re-seeing, re-knowing, and re-loving. But it starts when you begin to trust yourself, take the next logical step, and look for the good. Over and over.