Welcome to my courses. Here you will find some of my best work.

If you are new here, then head over to the Introductory Course, as it is a prerequisite for every course I offer here. In fact, even if you have taken the Intro course, you can go take it again (it’s free) and you would benefit even more the second time through. If you are ready to explore the course offerings, here is what I suggest. First, step into your power in the Being Yourself Course. This course is deceptively simple and extremely powerful. After that, I would move to Making the Most of Life, and prepare to love your life exactly where you are. Next, I’d pick up the pieces that are you in my Keeping All Your Pieces Course (coming soon!) and fortify myself for a future of my choosing.

Introductory Course to Practical Spirituality


Discover all you need to know to engage with the materials that are designed to help you find your true self connection and to up-level your life.

Being Yourself Course:

Now Available!

Being Yourself. A course on being yourself is the best investment you can make. Who else but you could teach such a course? Who else but you could excel at such a course? Who else but you can answer the questions that we all pose at some point in life: Who am I? What will make me happy? What do I truly want? What’s my purpose? If you have asked these questions, then this Course is for you.

Making the Most Out of Life Course:

Coming soon!

Are you achieving your goals? Do you want more from a life you love? Do you want to experience more of the goodness of life? Making the Most of Life is a six module course designed to help you become the best version of yourself. Not that there is a thing wrong with you. Far from it. But because there is always more we could be asking of life. This course will lay a foundation of trust between you…