Welcome to my courses. Here you will find some of my best work.

Beginning with Introductory Course to Practical Spirituality, these are designed to help you connect to your authentic self. 

Go ahead and start with the Introductory Course; it’s a prerequisite for all the rest. From there, I suggest you step into your power with Being Yourself, and then learn to love your life exactly where you are with Making the Most of Life. Next, I would gather up every beautiful bit of yourself with Keeping All Your Pieces, and then move through the courses from there. 

These are simply suggestions on how to navigate my courses. Beginning with the Introductory Course, I will show how I learned to accept that I have a spirit guiding me on a custom-designed path toward all my goals.

And you do too.
With every new idea, affirmation, and tool you take in, you will be gaining access to the wisdom of your higher self. Tap into your own wisdom, then, to plot your own passage through my courses. 

Know for sure that I can’t make you do the work. My success, in selling these courses, hinges on you getting value from every course you take. But, if you aren’t ready to show up for yourself, then the value of my courses diminishes greatly.

If, however, you are ready to show up for yourself, dig right into the Introductory Course. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s necessary to understand the rest of my body of work. (You might even revisit the Introductory Course along the way, as a refresher or a reinforcement of all your learning.)
Proceed from there, always asking yourself two questions: Where do I want to explore next?And, Why?

Here is where you fortify yourself for a future of your choosing. 
I am rooting for you to succeed. My world needs more people who love themselves, prioritize themselves, and are true to themselves.