Follow, Don’t Force, Your Energy

When you allow your own spirit to lead, you are calling in the power of the Universe to take you on a journey that feels like a slow-playing movie, some days, and like an action-packed adventure others. I am learning to navigate life, at both speeds, and today is a day for action.

Following your spirit is about following your energy. What feels good to me right now? What do I need in this moment? How can I move closer to my goals in this pocket of time I have between commitments?

My energy, on some days, is uncertain and stagnant. On those days, I know that my best path is to move, to reflect, and to clear out old ideas that may be holding me back. And on other days, when my energy is high, I create, I produce, and I enjoy the flow of a day of good content.

To help me maximize my full potential in life, I prefer the days when my energy is high. To accomplish this, here is what I do. I pay attention to days when my energy feels stuck, bored, or uncertain and then I seek out activities that make me feel hopeful, alive, and more energized. For me, personally, that means I walk, I do some yoga maneuvers, and I write. Some days it means I do some qigong as a way to move my energy out. It also means that I slow down, I sit, and I take time to chill out. All with the knowledge that a high energy day usually comes after a low energy day.

Yesterday was low energy. Today is high energy. Instead of trying to second guess why I have low energy days, I now accept them as a sign that I need to take conscious and deliberate action to move. To do. To rest. Whatever feels best to me, that’s the direction I head.

Protecting your energy is a skill I have learned to master, because I want to make sure that I have high energy days more than I have low energy days. Here is what helps me:

  • Getting outside for a walk.
  • Talking to myself in a positive and uplifting way.
  • Writing out my thoughts, so I can see what is weighing me down.
  • Trusting that my spirit has a plan for me and that the plan will unfold perfectly.
  • Seeing life as supporting me every step of every day.

That’s it. Those ideas do it for me. When I get out of sorts, I can return to those ideas, over and over, and find relief. I can practice those ideas, and feel more empowered. Then, with those new ideas at the ready, I ask myself, what feels best to me, right now? I go do that.

Yesterday was a lower energy day for me, so I came home from work, parked myself in my chair, allowed my husband to cook dinner, and went upstairs to bed before my husband and son had finished with the dinner dishes. Today, I am surfing on a wave of high energy because that’s how I love to handle the flow. Just go with it.

Where can you reframe a low energy day so that you can better access your intuition as to what you need? Where can you ride the high of a big energy day and get more accomplished? Where can you see your energy as your spirit and tune into it as a way of finding your best path forward?

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