Practical Intuition

The question I get asked the most is this: how do I access my intuition? Which is a funny question to me because I see myself as always plugged in to my intuition. It just gets distorted when I have beliefs that limit me. When I do the work of clearing out my limiting beliefs, and adopting broad and expansive beliefs, then my intuition comes through loud and clear.

But I know that answer isn’t helpful to someone who feels confused, uncertain, or unsure of who they are. These emotions can cause a lot of internal disturbances, which in turn cause you to doubt your intuition. Yet your intuition is always there. How you experience it, however, might be affected by your thinking.

Which is all a long way of saying this: once you clear out your blocks, there is nothing that stands in the way of you accessing your intuition. It’s like a lighthouse that is shining 24/7. Once the fog lifts, the light is blinding.

In this way, questions of how to access your intuition are a bit off the mark. That’s because if you continue to focus on what’s not getting through to you, then you widen the gap of what’s not getting through to you.

Here is what I recommend: start a practice today of choosing a set of beliefs that align to the truth of who you are. Practice those beliefs until they stick. Allow those beliefs to grow large in your experience. And then sit back and watch as your intuition takes over from there.

My Introductory Course is designed to help you jump start this process. That one course walks you through a process of developing a custom script, made by you for you, that meets all your current needs. It’s a proven way of connecting to your own spirit, which is the source of your intuition. It can be completed in under a week, and if you stuck with the practice, you’d be well on your way to experiencing your intuition in a real and meaningful way.

Your intuition isn’t a nice to have. It’s essential for navigating life on your terms. Without your intuition, you feel lost, confused, and untethered. With your intuition, you feel empowered, emboldened, and clear. I prefer the latter emotions, so I make it practice to clear my own blocks and keep my intuition free flowing. I do this through regular practices that help me see the thoughts that are limiting me. All of my courses will help you deal with your blocks, and once you do so, you’ll zoom ahead.

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