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Paraphernalia is evidence of who we are. I am sitting in my comfortable easy chair, surrounded by a quilt I made, a cookbook, my phone, and my writing tablet. And that says more about me than any bio I could write to introduce myself.

I enjoy being comfortable. At peace. At ease. I also enjoy high quality handmade items that represent a craft. I love to cook and feed people. I am attached to my phone. And I love, love, love to write.

When you find an activity you love, lean in. Tell yourself that any activity you love is a message straight from your soul, calling you home. See any activity that you enjoy as evidence that you have more life to live.

Projects that get us moving, or doing, are projects to cherish. Ideas that excite us are ideas to chase. People who inspire us are people to follow.

What I wish I had known when I was younger was that any activity I enjoyed held a key to the true me. That anything that piqued my interest was a soul spark that was trying to show me the way. That any time I felt joy, I was closer to my spirit than I was when I was down.

How did I not know this, you might wonder?

I’m not into blame, so I don’t need to trace my lack of knowledge back to any one event. But I am into prevention, and I want to make sure that everyone I love knows that their best path in life is to do what they love often, with intention, and with an understanding that they are communing with their own spirit when they lean into what they love.

Here is why this message is so needed. We are all bored with our jobs, trapped in our careers, and waiting until we retire to commence a life we love. And we think we are stuck because of our finances. The solution? Add in, as much as we can, that which we love.

For me that means I am writing every day, as a homage to my passion for words. I cook most days to fan my desire to create. And I take time each day to say, I am powerfully in charge of this life, as a way of reclaiming my power in a time where I feel stuck.

If you, like me, feel like life is set, and you aren’t yet ready to settle for set, then come along with me as I journey into projects, people, and activities that bring me joy.

Some days that means I write a new issue of my weekly newsletter. Some days that means I work on my growing course selection. Some days that means I blog and post on social media.

What it always means is that I am staking a claim for me, and anything that brings me joy. Like this post.

Where can you linger doing something you love? Where can you add an early morning wake up to do something that brings you joy instead of doing the hard thing first? Where can you delve into your own box of tricks and pull out a fun experience just for you?

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