Making the case for Love

If you had no limits on what you could ask for, what would you choose?

That’s the question that gnawed at me as I came to terms with the idea of the universe as an infinite supply train of whatever I wanted. I tried to supersize all my requests, but I kept coming back to this one idea: I wanted whatever would cause me to have a great day, today.

I could envision new homes, new clothes, and even a new career. But those are all things in the future, when I am living life right here today. I am here in my same old life, and today I want to be happier than I was yesterday.

Most of my requests to my higher power take the form of experiences that I think will make me happier. Occasionally, I have a specific thing that I want, but more often than not, I want an experience. I want to feel confident. I want to be valued. I want to be loved.

At first, I thought my requests were a tad too small for something as big an infinite intelligence. Oh, you want to feel confident? Why don’t you try the self-help aisle? There are countless resources there to help you re-see yourself.

But I am a stubborn soul, and I didn’t want someone else’s advice on how to live my life. I wanted my own personal guidance on what was the best path for me. Turns out that that request is what the universe was planning to deliver all along.

See, I realized that I had a lot of hang ups about what I thought my higher power was capable of. I had a whole basket of limiting beliefs as to what our creator was willing to do for me. I had a whole set of mistaken beliefs that all assumed that Love was not in the business of helping me get what I want. And all those blocks were the ideas that I surrendered in order to find peace.

Many of my courses take you through a series of exercises to help you uncover, and then release, your own personal blocks. Which is what I did when it came to my ideas of God, universe, and source. I simply let them all go and welcomed in some new, expansive ideas. And the one that kept coming back to me was this: Love. When I swapped out the word God, and subbed in Love, I seemed to have a completely different experience of this all knowing, all loving, infinite resource. When I saw the universe as Love, instead of limiting it to a law of physics, I began to experience a dance with this energy that was undeniably loving. And when I took the idea of source and reframed it as Love, I suddenly saw a first mover who was motivated by — you guessed it — Love.

It’s been said that we create our own reality. Not sure if that is true, but here is where I am headed. If I can create a reality where unconditional love exists, then sign me up. If I can, with my own mind, imagine a universe that is powered by Love, then that’s the universe I want to live in. And if I can see my source as the first one to choose to love himself, then I am going all in on this idea that Love is at the heart of it all.

If I can create a reality where unconditional love exists, then sign me up.

How’s that for a request?

Here is where I landed, once all the dust settled from my daydreaming. I’m not creating this big, bold universe; I’m observing it. And what I see is this. I can powerfully affect how I experience each and every day by what I behold. I can, with my own mind, retrain myself to see beauty, abundance, and love everywhere I look. I can, with something as simple as a pen and paper, clear out my own blocks and allow the natural spirit that I am flow through. And you can too.

Practical Spirituality is about bringing all the big, airy fairy concepts of spirit down to the practical, everyday solutions you need. And the one that has given the most bang for my buck has been my decision to see my higher power simply as Love.

What ideas about spirit have you created and using as a block? Where have you assumed that you aren’t worthy of being helped? Where are you so far off track that you forgot that love was at the start of it all?

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