Keeping the Peace

Many of us have a habit of downplaying our discomfort. We feel that a decision is off, yet we push through our discomfort to avoid confrontation. We feel that a path is not for us, yet we move forward under the idea that doing what we should is better than doing what we want. We feel that we aren’t quite aligned with an idea, but we do our best to go along to get along. And in ignoring that discomfort, we lose a bit of our true selves.

Ignoring your own true self is something we are all guilty of. Our modern world creates a web of complex rules that tell us how to act, what to say, and who to love. That complexity can be daunting when your primary goal is to be your authentic self.

Which is why discomfort can be useful. It could signal that you are betraying yourself in order to keep the peace. It could be the early warning sign to tell you that you are off your path. It could be the impetus you need to change course. And listen only to yourself.

Which is why discomfort can be useful… It could be the early warning sign to tell you that you are off your path.

When I set an intent to listen only to my soul, I feel tension when I self criticize. When I set my compass to my own inner wisdom, I feel tense when I say yes when I really mean no. When I make it my objective to be myself, my stomach rumbles when I dim my light. All discomfort. All helping me to see.

Now when I feel discomfort I know I am trading me for someone else’s idea of who I should be. Of what I should do. Of how I should show up. And that discomfort helps to remind me that I prefer living life on the positive side of the ledger and not in discomfort.

I stop and remind myself: I matter. Me. The true me has a plan. It’s a better plan than what others expect of me. I choose to lose the discomfort so that I can find me.

Where have you chosen peace over your own true wants? Where have you forsaken yourself to be what others need? Where can you reclaim a piece of yourself by confronting your discomfort?

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