What is Practical Spirituality?

Practical Spirituality is about finding your own bespoke path back to a more comfortable way of living. How you define what is comfortable is up to you, but to me it feels like I have an inside knowing of who I am, what I want, and what’s best for me. All at the same time. This sort of inner knowing leads to increased confidence, awareness, and more of life to savor. This sort of inner peace leads to more compassion, interest, and hopefulness for the future. It’s the sort of deep inner awareness that transcends all your goals, but makes your goals a fun way to learn more about yourself.

Most of us avoid a spiritual journey because on some level we are afraid of what we will find. We are fearful that the journey will be hard and fraught with judgment and criticism. We fear taking a hard look at ourselves, and our lives, and not liking what we see.

If you harbor those fears, then let me allay them. If you take a journey and realize that you were better off before you started on the journey, then you are not on a spiritual path. You are stuck in your ego. If you embark to know yourself better, and find only attributes to critique, then you are on a journey with your ego, not your soul. And if you fear finding out how magnificent you are (which is the end result of any true spiritual journey), then you are only seeing life as your ego sees it. Your soul has no fear whatsoever.

If you found this post, then I assume you are interested in the spiritual path. That you have a curiosity as to the meaning of life. That you, seeker that you are, want some answers. So I am going to give you a spoiler right here, right now. I am going to tell you how your spiritual path ends. If you don’t want to find out, turn away. But if you are willing to see, then read on.

Your spiritual path is a journey that ends up with you loving yourself. It’s a custom made path that you follow to discern your true wants, your heart’s desires, and your passing curiosities. It is a path you are on, whether you are aware or not. And it’s a path that always leads right back to you.

Personal development is but one part of a spiritual journey. That’s because most personal development, like spirituality, is about learning things about yourself. The difference is that personal development plans often treat you as a problem to solve. Spirituality celebrates you as a unique soul. Personal development focuses on improving you. Spirituality focuses on losing the beliefs that hinder you. See the difference? One scratches the surface. The other cracks you open to reveal the gem that you have on the inside.

If you prefer a visual, try this. Your core essence is a diamond (or whatever gemstone you prefer to visualize) that is uniquely cut to represent your unique expression. Spirituality is about unearthing that core essence so that you can shine as brightly as you choose to shine. It’s about unwinding the limiting beliefs you have picked up through living life, so that your true, authentic self can rise from the rubble and stand tall. It’s about realizing that who you are, on the inside, is never, ever a problem.

Spirituality is always a positive endeavor. It never seeks to break you down or cause you harm. It only seeks to help you throw away all the ideas that keep you small, and show you that the only person holding you back is your ego.

Spirituality is always a positive endeavor. It never seeks to break you down or cause you harm.

The benefits of Spirituality are my specialty. I not only write, but I live, from a spiritual place and it makes all my life encounters easier. Not because I am a pushover; far from it. Because now I know who I really am, I easily navigate life from a place of inner knowing. And that navigation is easy because it is based on a truth.

If you are curious about your next step, here is my advice. Ask yourself what excites you the most. Go do that. That one question will lead you on your own journey, fueled by your own soul’s desires. If you don’t know what excites you, know that Spirituality is about re-discovering that spark so that you can thrive.

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