Welcoming in Clarity

Are you tired of getting stuck in indecision? Are you uncertain and don’t know the way forward? Are you unsure, tentative, and lacking true motivation? Well, here’s my best advice.

Do nothing.

Indecision is nothing more than the time before you decide. Uncertainty is nothing more than the time period before you are certain. Being unsure is simply a phase you go through before you are sure. These phases aren’t permanent. They aren’t a problem. And they aren’t going anywhere if you keep up with self-talk that says, “I don’t know.”

When I am in uncertainty, indecision, or feeling unsure, I like to name it. Oh, hello, uncertainty. This helps me keep my mind from wandering and spinning out, which it tends to do when I feel unsure. Once I name the state I am in, I remind myself that certainty comes after uncertainty.

It happens all the time. Issues resolve themselves. I wake up one day and I am certain of my next step. I get hit with a jolt of inspiration and I know which way I want to go. And until that time, I am content to wait it out in indecision until my path becomes clear.

When I am unsure, the best course of action for me is to sleep on it. When I am uncertain, the best course of action is for me to list out all the things I need to know in order to become certain. When I am indecisive, the best course of action for me is to wait until I feel the certainty of a path. Knowing this about myself, I can sit through a period of uncertainty and wait until I know. All while I practice the affirmation, I know.

I suppose I could take action before I am certain or make a decision before I am ready, but that course rarely brings me clarity. In fact, it often brings me confusion. I much prefer to wait for the sweetness of clarity than to spin my wheels in morass of being uncertain.

Where can you move into a period of doing nothing until your clarity arrives? It’s coming, so welcome it in.

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