Trashing the Project Plan

Crafting an action plan is my preferred way to move my projects forward. But here is my secret: I never follow the plans I create. Instead, I toss them in the trash and work my way, intuitively, toward all my life goals.

Here is how it’s going. Awesome. I am currently having more fun than I have had in years, and I am accomplishing more than ever before. My secret weapon of trashed project plans? You too can use this awesome tool for getting your goals off the ground.

Here is how it works: For any life project, you take the time to sit and write out the entire project plan. You break it up into phases, or mini goals, and you might even line out tasks to perform in each phase. You can color code it, sort it in a spreadsheet, or make it look pretty if you want. And when you are all finished, you put the plan away as it has no bearing on how you will proceed.

Life is not about goals. Goals are about life. We work on goals, and go achieve new things, in order to learn about ourselves. And when you try to stick to a rigid project plan, what you learn is that you are rigid and think you need a plan for every part of our life. You don’t. You need your spirit and that’s about it.

Now, when I want to tackle a big goal, I go through all the motions of project planning, as if I am in control of life, and then I put it all away, so that I can approach each and every day with fresh eyes. With a renewed spirit. With a faith that what needs to be done will get done so long as I keep moving forward seeking out the path of least resistance.

And here is where it got me. Not only do I have a job working for a big company, but I also have an entirely second career here on this website. I write a newsletter, this blog, and create courses to help others get as super productive as I am. And I haven’t even told you about all my personal goals and progress.

Project plans are stale the moment they are completed. Your spirit is never out of date. Project plans are based on limited knowledge. Your spirit works with infinite wisdom. Project plans are simply one way to get from point A to point A. Your spirit likes to keep all her options open for making sure that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Project plans are stale the moment they are completed. Your spirit is never out of date.

You too can make a project plan and trash it. You too can welcome in your spirit to lead your days. You too can enter the state of super productivity that comes from intuitive next actions.

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