The Power of Confusion

A fresh perspective is often what we need when we feel uncertain or confused. When I am mired in these emotions, I like to try on a new perspective — a new lens — to see if I can find a creative way to answer my uncertainty or clear up my confusion. And the lens I see the most benefit from is this one: my own.

Often, when I am confused or uncertain, I am far too connected to others’ expectations of me. I am, in some way, latching onto ideas of what I am supposed to do, which collides with what I want to do. Instead of listening to myself, I am — on some level — listening to societal norms and not liking what I hear.

When my wants collide with what others expect of me, it’s normal that I would be confused or uncertain. In fact, I now welcome in uncertainty and confusion as bellwethers to let me know that I have attached to an idea that is not my own truth. I am, in fact, repressing my own wants and desires because of some idea that tells me I can’t proceed in that direction.

In my younger years, I saw uncertainty as a I sign that I needed more data and thus sought out outside resources and opinions. Now, I see uncertainty as a sign that I need to tune into me and my own true desires. To do this, I ask myself what is the source of my uncertainty. If the answer is, I am not sure if I am allowed, capable, or up to the task that I want to pursue, then I take the time to dismantle those limiting beliefs for good.

Some people hit uncertainty or confusion and plow ahead. That’s another path through fear. I personally prefer to unmask the fear, so that I don’t have to deal with it the next time I bump into it.

You too could use uncertainty to your advantage. The next time you are unsure, ask yourself why. The answer will always reveal a limiting belief that you could change if you wanted to.

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