Meaning Behind Your Words

Life Savers candies are round, colorful, and tasty. Yet we don’t see them saving anyone’s life. They may even be shortening lives, if you listen to the sugar police. But here’s my point: sometimes the words we use have meaning behind them, and sometimes they don’t. And in case you are confused, I advocate using meaning with your words.

I suggest the use of intentions and affirmations for most of my courses. Yet I don’t suggest you use hollow words. I suggest you use words that have a meaning behind them. And meaning comes from feeling.

Which is why I continually exhort you to choose words, and ideas, that feel good to you. When you land on a good feeling, you’ll associate that feeling with the words and build a new idea. Here is how:

Take someone who has a goal to be more fit. This person will chase the feeling of strength, or wellness. She will begin to say, I am fit. I am strong. I am lean. And when she does so with feeling, she changes her trajectory with the words. The words soon become triggers for the feeling. Then, the feeling becomes a trigger for the words. Then, we have a self sustaining cycle that works to benefit her.

Back to the Life Savers: when I talk about the candy, I get one feeling. When I talk about a round floatie, I get a different feeling. Same words, but different ideas attached to them. Which shows us that the ideas are more important than the words.

When I urge you to practice a new idea, do your best to get into a feeling, or a visual, for that new idea. Do what you can to juice up the feeling in a way that feels good. Hold the feeling as you practice the idea. Then allow the associations to be created naturally, for you.

When I urge you to practice a new idea, do your best to get into a feeling, or a visual, for that new idea.

If you can conjure up the feeling, then you are halfway to your goal, which you are chasing for the feeling. Savor this win. It may not be a completion (the goal), but it’s a step in the right direction toward the goal.

Good feelings are often found, and not created, so if you stumble into some good feelings, use that energy to affirm where you want to go.

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