Making the Most of Your Journey

Setting an intent is one way to get the most out of your spiritual journey. Here is the one I suggest: I am going to follow this path, unfolding before me, as long as it is fun. Once it ceases being fun, I will pivot to find a better feeling path that suits me.

Combining fun and spirituality is not your typical content. But I am not your typical author. I stayed away from my spiritual side for far too long, mostly because I had enough things that I was making myself do and didn’t need another set of tasks. Once I discovered that exploring my own true essence was fun, I went all in and never looked back. So I see myself as a messenger, trying to get the word back to others, than the path of fun is the way to go, as you seek to know yourself.

Here is where I pause, because had you told me to pursue what feels fun, I probably would have laughed, gone into work, and just kept doing what I always did. If this is you, don’t despair. There is a path back to the fun in your life. There is a way to rediscover what makes you happy. There are many tools to help you realize what makes your heart sing.

We all have these things already in our lives, but many of us put them on the back burner. Call them hobbies. Dismiss them as simply a natural interest. Yet it is the things we do without being paid that hold keys to unlocking our heart.

When you are willing to do anything, without anyone requiring you to do it, make a note. Literally, write it down. Start a new note on your phone, title it My Natural Strengths, and then list any activity you do that no one requires of you.

Your list could include your desire to pull your kids on the boat you keep at your parent’s lake house. Your list could include riding around on the white Vespa that you have wanted since you were a child. Your list could include the mash up videos you make that cause you to smile. Your list could include your desire to show up unannounced and visit people. There is no activity that is off limits for capturing on your list.

What this process of capturing does is reorient you to begin to see that the parts of life you enjoy are the parts that are closest to your true essence. The parts of life you would do for free (even if you are paid) are the parts of life that you want to expand and grow. The parts of life that make you feel alive are the key moments that your spirit is showing. And these moments are the key to a life well lived.

If you came to this blog expecting I was going to tell you to repent, then you are in the wrong place. What I am going to tell you is that your life is made of moments, and the ones where you are happy, engaged, and satisfied are the moments when you are living aligned. And living aligned is the goal of a spiritual life.

If your goal is to maximize your time here on earth, then a spiritual path will be something that benefits you. And to make the most of that path, laser in on the moments. Collect them like they are rare jewels. See them as something to savor. To marvel over. And then realize that in your awareness of what makes your heart happy, you are unleashing your spirit into the world. In your willingness to give in to good feelings, you are tending to your spirit in a way that will pay dividends in life. Those dividends being more good moments to savor. More moments of fun. More moments you love.

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