Making Plans

The best laid plans are just that: plans. They aren’t the way, the path, or even the only route. They are one way you could go to reach a goal.

When I make plans, I like to see them as an example of how things could go, but I allow life to serve me even better routes. Why? Because life has a grander vision than even I have.

Now that I have ceded control to my spirit, I still make life plans. But as I do so, I assume that some divine mind can come up with something better. Like I’m here on the ground floor and I can only see the entrance and the exit. Whereas my spirit sits in some elevated chair, like a lifeguard, where she can take in all the levels of human experience. Including the ones that I can’t see yet. So, I defer to her to chart the real path.

My plans? They are fun ways to pass the time and give my mind something to do. But I see them as an option, not a prescription.

When you can lean into your spirit to up-level your life, watch out. You’ll be blown away at how crafty she is. You’ll stumble into great experiences and marvel at your luck. You’ll have awesome timing and thank the stars for aligning. You’ll have fun every single day and wonder what took you so long to catch up to the practical reality that your spirit is there. For you.

Once you arrive at this place of faith, you’ll laugh at how silly your old ideas were. You’ll be glad that your plans were trashed because the reality of life is so much better than you could have planned. You’ll even wonder how you got so lucky to have the spirit you have, leading you.

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