I am

If our beliefs cause us to act, then what beliefs would help me take action toward that which I want? This question is the one that intrigues me, so I have been playing around with new ideas to see which provide me the biggest bang for my buck.

That’s how I see beliefs. I want ones that pay me dividends. I want ones that help me succeed. I want ones that pack a punch with only a few words. And the best one I have found is, “I am.”

These two little words, uttered by me often, help me to say, I am here, present for my life. They cause me to think that I matter and that I am an important part of all that is, just like everyone else. They help me remind myself that I can only live life as me, and not as anyone else. When I say these words — I am — I am instantly transported into the present moment, and out of my wandering mind. I am currently practicing saying this any time I feel confused, and then watching as my confusion dissipates. I wield this tool often, every day, and it has totally changed my perspective. For the better.

When you can build up a belief that your very existence is no accident, no happenstance, no fluke of nature — then you can begin to see the power you hold. You are literally waking yourself up to your own importance, which is equal to the importance of every other soul. “I am” brooks no contradictions. This is because it’s a truth for all of us. It’s our shared humanity. It’s our shared existence. And in that being, there is tremendous power. We all, no matter who or where we are, exist. This seems like an abstract idea, but it’s not. It’s a foundational idea that each of us shares, although few of us practice.

Some of us practice denying our importance. Some of us practice ideas that say, I don’t matter. Some of us practice by saying, I have no wants of my own. Each of these actions, and ideas, deny our true essence. And in so doing, denies ourselves. The solution? Easy. Say “I am” and mean it. Say “I am” and practice the idea that you, beautiful soul that you are, are integral to the world. Say “I am” and watch your confidence soar.

We are the freest people on earth, yet few of us exercise the ultimate freedom: to claim ourselves as someone who matters. So often, we wait until someone else tells us we matter — a good and loving act to give to another. But the real power begins when you give that gift to yourself.

I did and it shifted my perspective so completely that I began to forget that I used to walk around pretending that I didn’t matter. I thought that’s what good people did: downplayed their worthiness and stepped on their value. I thought it was more acceptable to say that I didn’t matter than to stand firm and say, I am. I thought the easier path was to negate my own wants, rather than claim them.

Ironically, I was better able to see the worthiness in others than I was willing to claim it for myself. I was more open to seeing others as unique, valuable souls than I was willing to open my eyes about myself. I was more willing to collect, and harbor, evidence of my mistakes than I was willing to celebrate my own impact on the world.

This is a post about your ability to be your own hero, every single day.

This isn’t a post about me, however. This is a post about your ability to be your own hero, every single day. It’s a post about the power of counting the value of every single soul and saying, we are all the same. It’s a post to encourage you to bring you to the party that is your life. And you do that when you say “I am.”

This one idea is crazy powerful, so be prepared for big changes if you make this a genuine practice. You’ll start to say things like: here is what I want. You’ll start conversations with, here is what I think and you can offer your thoughts, if you like. You’ll announce decisions, calmly, by saying, here is what I am going to do; do you want to join me?

You’ll start to live life from your center, irrespective of what others think of you. You’ll leave events and gatherings when you want to and never feel compelled to do something you don’t truly want to do. You’ll even notice that you are more tolerant of others, as they no longer trigger you as they once did. You’ll want to try things you once thought were impossible because you’ll have the confidence to say, here is what matters to me.

If you doubt me, try a simple experiment. Put a note on your phone that says “I am.” Add “I matter” if that feels good to you. Now, set a reminder, every day for 30 days, to show you that note. When it flashes on your phone, center yourself and say I am. I matter. I am here. Whatever combination of words that help you say, I am of value simply by existing. Be prepared to re-see everything and everyone in your life.


You matter. Your existence is no accident. Claim your unique, individual expression.

Say “I am” and mean it.

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