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This may be a bold title for a mere blog post, but I suspect that there are some ideas that if I brought them to the forefront, would make your interaction with my writing a little easier. Call these foundational concepts, or my beliefs, but they are ideas that underpin everything I write. Here goes:

  • I am a fellow traveller on this journey. I don’t have answers for you, but I do have tips for how you can find your answers for you. So, my gig is to offer tools, techniques, and wisdom to help you get in touch with you.
  • I am neither holier nor more knowing that you. Except when it comes to myself. I know my wants, my fears, and my beliefs, but I have no idea what yours are. Your journey is to discern those things for yourself.
  • There is abundant help out there to assist you in seeing whatever it is you need to see to move to a better life. That is my primary tool: changing my perspective so that I can change my life. You may have a different primary tool. That’s what makes life so much fun and interesting; we all have different paths.
  • Whether you agree with me or not is none of my business. You are entitled to all your own beliefs, ideas, wants, and fears. Just like I am entitled to mine. I may argue for a belief, but know that you, and only you, are the decider for what you are going to believe. I prefer beliefs that support me. You do you.
  • Those who preach spirituality are not my people. Rather, I am one who sees spirituality as a given (meaning we are all spirit), and who uses this core concept to leverage a better life. The difference may be subtle, but it’s important to me. I see myself as someone who is 80% in the self help genre and 20% in the spiritual realm. This balance helps me to use the idea of my spirit (a truth that I acknowledge) to help me in life. My goal is to get you to do the same.
  • My style is to relentlessly cheerlead you into a new way of thinking, which leads to a new way of being. If you prefer a critical, or demanding style of prose, then you might check out others’ work. I see all of this as fun, light hearted, and totally accessible to everyone. In fact, I like to think that my work holds Universal appeal.

My style is to relentlessly cheerlead you into a new way of thinking, which leads to a new way of being.

  • I prefer to be happy. I am not sure if this makes me unique, but I can’t deny that I prefer days when I feel great, look great, and get a lot done. This trio of pillars works for me, but you may have a totally different bent toward your emotions and your day. Don’t let my optimism put you off. Instead, ask yourself why you are annoyed by someone who is happy. The answers will be enlightening.
  • I believe that Practical Spirituality is about showing up as your authentic self. That means that I get annoyed, angry, impatient, and hateful at times. I use each and every emotion to better know myself and to see what I could change to move out of those negative feelings in a quicker fashion. Again, that’s my preference; you may prefer to stew or celebrate negative emotions. You do you.
  • I believe that we each have a loving, kind, and helpful inner voice that we could tune to, if we wanted to. It’s a matter of clearing out the blocks and letting that voice come forward. I have done a lot of clearing and my inner voice, which started as a whisper, is now like a soul with a megaphone standing on the sidelines cheering me on. It’s a great way to live.
  • Nothing is out of reach for you. Everything in your experience is designed to help you. You are always in a state of total unconditional love. That’s what I believe, and nothing you could say would disabuse me of these ideals.

Nothing is out of reach for you.

  • My own spiritual journey (a/k/a my life) has been filled with ups, downs, neutral days, and days that nearly broke me. I am currently, however, on an upward trajectory toward what I want. Bad days are a rarity and even the most negative life events provide me with something good to harvest. It’s all a matter of perspective.
  • I see no part of life as off limits for my spiritual tools. They work for every aspect of every day, so use them to help you lose the weight, start the business, or welcome in more joy. No want or desire is invalid in your journey, whether you call it spiritual or not. I frequently say to myself, all wants are valid, and in this way I get to know myself better. I set goals, and work up my goals, based on this key idea: if I am interested in something then it holds promise for me. So I follow all my interests to see where they lead.
  • I have a propensity for positivity that may be off-putting, as noted above. If you need to borrow some of my positivity to get you over the hump, please drop me a note. I will happily respond.
  • I am in this for the fun, for the learning, and for the sharing. If you have a question that you want answered, drop me a note. I’ll do my best to provide an answer from my personal perspective, which may help you shift your perspective. That’s what people do for me all day long. They show me themselves, and in that seeing, I learn more about me. It’s a great way to live.
  • You are here for a reason, so assume that it’s a good reason. In fact, you might say, there is something here for me to discover and then follow your own intuition to see what speaks to you. I basically say the same things, in lots of different ways, in all my posts, so anyplace you start is as good as any other.
  • Know that you have all the answers you need for a happy and awesome life inside you. My writing is designed to help you elicit that inner wisdom, for yourself, so that you can move forward with an aligned life experience. Spoiler: it’s a great way to live.
  • People who refuse to listen to their inner wisdom are people who are going to have a lot of fun when they do. That’s just how it works. The longer you deny something you want, the more fun it is when you finally let that desire in. Not that I advocate denying your wants, but I do see the value in my past denials and celebrate what that brings me today. So you might have a whole bunch of untapped desire if you have been denying your true wants and shutting off your inner wisdom. See that untapped desire as loads of potential just waiting there for you.
  • If you enjoy my work, you might also enjoy taking one of my Courses. They are a more structured perusal of the material, that helps you advance more quickly in your own journey.

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