At Peace. At Home.

Have you ever wondered why home feels so good? Why we often heave a sigh of relief when we get back home? Why we sleep better, feel better, and do better when we are anchored in our homes?

Home, for me, is the space where I can truly be myself. Not that I have to pretend in other areas of my life. But at home I can let go of all my ideas of who I am expected to be and simply be myself. And that is the best definition of home I can offer: being me.

Perhaps this is why homecomings are so sweet. We are not only re-greeting our loved ones; we are re-greeting ourselves. The true self that lives beneath the personas we take on to fit in.

When I began to see soul alignment as a coming home project, I was excited to jump in. Once I realized that every goal I held was a metaphor for me getting to know myself, I was more interested in my hopes and dreams. And I was more interested in getting to that feeling place where everything felt in order to me.

I admit to a natural propensity for order. I like it. It feels good to me. But the sort of order I was seeking with my own soul wasn’t about lining up things and straightening the clutter. It was about lining up what I wanted with what I was willing to allow in.

We all have hopes and dreams that keep us moving forward. For ones we have carried a long time, there’s a tendency to downplay them as you increasingly feel they are less likely to come to fruition. Yet once you do that, you separate yourself even further from the keeper of your wants: your soul.

Once I saw my soul as the holder of all the things I yearn for, I began to see myself as nothing more than a receiver.

Once I saw my soul as the holder of all the things I yearn for, I began to see myself as nothing more than a receiver. Which went afoul of my go-getter identity. I like to work on things. I like to see projects progress. I like the feeling of satisfaction from a job well done. Yet there are times when the most I can do is allow my soul to take the lead and step aside. In other words, relax and let myself be taken home.

The answer, for any confusion, is to return to a place of knowing. That place for me resides within. When I bring my attention into my body, and at my core, I rest in a certain knowing that all is ok. I am ok. The world is ok. And the feeling I experience is a feeling of being at home.

I think the metaphor of a homecoming works to explain this phenomena where I instantly feel better once I place my attention within my core, going within. It’s as if I say, I am here. Present in this body. And there I am home. Myself.

If you feel confused or out of sorts, try practicing my going within technique of choice. Imagine yourself on a tiny elevator inside your body. You are on the top floor, up in your head. You ride that elevator slowly down, into your core, and anchor your presence there. When I do this, I find that I disconnect from confusing thoughts and am better able to make decisions that pertain to me. I am more at peace. I am more willing to relax into whatever life if presenting me in the day. And I am more present for all of it.

Confusion, for me, is almost always a result of my listening to others, than to my own spirit. So today I surrender all the threads of unnecessary confusion so that I can know my own spirit, in truth.

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