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I’m so glad you’re here. If you found this corner of the internet, then you might be interested to know that I too am spiritually curious, and am interested in how our spiritual sides can help us leverage our best life. I am a writer who enjoys exploring the practical side of spirituality. This website contains my best content to help you find your way, with your own spirit to guide you. That’s my goal. To provide you some pointers so that your own inner wisdom can come forward and take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practical Spirituality is a platform designed to help you find your connection to your own inner being. I call mine my soul, but you can use any word you like for your own journey with your true self.

If you are here to learn more about spiritual topics, then I have some news: all of life is a spiritual journey. Some of us are simply more aware of that fact than others. So you are already on your spiritual journey, and I’m simply a stop along your route.

Wherever you start, you are in the right place. Wherever you land is as good a spot as any other. Trust your intuition and go with what feels good, or fun, to you.

I came to the creation of this platform because I had one core desire: I wanted to share my writing with others who were also seeking to express more in line with their authentic selves. I wanted to find a community of people who were excited to see the lighter, and more practical, side of spirituality, which is often portrayed as either a somber affair or a woo woo operation. I wanted my own experience, delivered in a way that was useful, clear, and action oriented. So, in a lot of ways, I created this platform for a prior version of me.

This platform will help you navigate to a better understanding of living life as your soul sees things. It will gently, and gradually, bring you to a place of believing in yourself, and your spiritual side, to an extent that will allow you to harness that infinite power to better your life. It’s a stepping stone on your journey to lead a more soul-centered life.

We are all spiritual beings, whether we are aware of that or not. Religion is just one way to express that side of ourselves.

Trust your intuition. Something led you to this site, and often it’s our intuition that leads us to situations that help us grow. Poke around, read what you want, and use my tips and techniques to decide for yourself whether any of this is helpful. I believe that even a non-believer could find valuable information here.

Great question. What are you most excited to do first? Do that. You can sign up for my newsletter, take a course, or read the blog. It’s all there for you, and your best option is always to follow your path of most excitement.

You can expect to begin to see yourself as your inner being sees you. You can expect to harvest messages of love that you need to hear, and then deliver them to yourself, on purpose. You can expect to grow in your own estimation of yourself, which is a platform that will serve you for the rest of your life.

At this time, Practical Spirituality is my side gig, so the offerings are limited to my writings and course works. If you have something specific in mind, drop me a note. I am always interested in hearing from fellow travelers.

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This is the content that I wished I had as I began to explore my spiritual side. My intent is to offer you by best advice for tapping into the best free resource out there, other than this website: your own spirit.

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