Welcome in the Fun

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you know that I take questions from readers and then turn them into newsletter topics. A recent reader asked about the power of intuition. Yet another asked how to deal with worry for adult children. And just today I received a question from a subscriber who wanted to know how to add more fun to her life.

Fun is now a specialty of mine, as I spent the first half of life avoiding the fun. I had this wacky idea that life was about hard work, outward success, and keeping yourself in check. Once I dropped those mistaken beliefs, I found that life is about the super productivity that comes from doing what you love, inward success where you love yourself, and letting your true self out of the bottle that you trapped her in. That’s how I see my soul. I corked that bottle for the first half of life, but once I let her loose in my life, I realized you can’t put that Genie back in the bottle. You don’t unleash your spirit and then seek to go backwards. You unleash your spirit and your life turns upside down, in the best way possible.

Yet here is what I know. Had you told me a decade ago that my path in life was to follow the fun, I would have told you that you were nuts. I would have shrugged off your advice and headed into my office where I work my 9-5 job that no longer inspires me. I would have wondered how you expected to succeed in life if all you were doing was having fun.

Now that I am on the other side with a full belief that my fun shows me my soul’s path, I am far more productive. I am far more successful. I am far more in love with life than I ever was before. And it all started once I welcomed in the fun.

I set this intention: Please show me where I could have more fun in life. Thanks. That was it. That was the idea that got me writing, posting on my blog, and sharing my newsletter. I suppose I could have asked for more respect or better health, but I went all in on fun. And in that one request, I unleashed something deep inside me that stood tall and seemed to say, Finally! Finally, we are doing something that I can get behind.

That’s how I experience my spirit. As a wise ass who has great social commentary. As a wise and loving soul who is helping me live life to the fullest. As a greater part of me, who seems to be me and more than me, at the same time.

I know that you may disregard me but I’m going to say it anyway. You can welcome in the fun. You can set an intent to find the fun path. You can, if you follow your fun, realize more productivity that you enjoy today. Just by doing anything that you love.

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